''Thank you for attending our event, our students valued your presentation and your words of wisdom greatly and will remember this for a very long time. It was truly an eye opener to see the bigger picture and the aspitations that can be achieved by people with disabilities. Pupils later said that 'if Ayaz can do it so can we'. The impact on pupils was phenomenal and we would like you to come again once you have completed your training.''

Irfan Umarji 

Vice Principal 

Tauheedul Islam High School 

''Ayaz is a friendly and charismatic speaker who engages excellent with a variety of audiences. As a successful Wheelchair Rugby player who competed at the Rio Paralympic Games and recently also became a European Champion for the second time he has a great deal of experiences in elite sport to draw upon. His journey as an individual is particularly inspiring when considering the challenges he has had and his ability to speak well in front of a large group really brings this to life for others.’' 


Alex Bailey, Performance Lifestyle Advisor, English Institute of Sport. 

''Ayaz was very good. He spoke well and gave a message of resilience and positivity.''

Mike Dore

Deputy Headteacher

Parrs Wood High School

''Ayaz delivered a fantastic assembly about wheelchair rugby and the difficulties he has had to overcome. He also did workshops with KS2 to encourage teamwork,communication and resilience. The children and adults loved hearing about his experiences and everyone was inspired by his determination.''

Alex Corsan

Westrop Primary School